Who we are

Bamsegjengen (dt. Bärchengang / engl. little bear’s gang) is a group of currently ~20 supporters of Union Berlin in Norway that was created ~2017 and is continuously growing. In its majority, we are Norwegians from the larger Oslo area, Bergen and Lyngdal, birthplace of our Norwegian Aufstiegsheld Julian Ryerson. However, there are also a number of Germans amongst us who either have been Union fans long before moving to Norway or were infected with the Union virus by others here in Norway. While not a registered Union fan club (yet), we do have about a dozen fully registered Union members within our ranks.

How we got together in Norway

Many of us have been supporting Union for many years (some for over 40 years) without knowing each other. Eventually, the core group was formed from regular visitors at Bohemen sports pub in Oslo, one of very few places showing 2. Bundesliga on their screens. The forming moment was a St. Pauli-Union game in 2017, when the gang of random Union supporters outnumbered the St Pauli supporters for the first time.

Why Bamsegjengen

The name reflects several different aspects – all of which important to us: The name needed to be in Norwegian, as it reflects where we live, independent of nationality. Of course there is the link to the Berlin Bear, an essential element of team and town identity. For us it also refers to the Berliner Pilsner beer with its unbeatable logo,  tradition and identity, which we would love to see one day on the chest of our players. Until then, we have adopted the theme as ‘our logo’ on fan scarf and shirts. The name can also be interpreted as self-ironic reference to the shape of many of us after decades of abusive beer consumption. And we definitely are a gang of ‘happy bears’, loud singing and beer drinking guys who enjoy watching football together and with fans of other teams – be it in our home pub, at Alte Försterei or somewhere else in Germany or Europe. Important and to avoid confusion: We are not to be mixed up with ‘den norske bamseklubben’, a group of hairy men who typically meet for other purposes than watching football.

Where you can meet us

Our home is the BOHEMEN SPORTSPUB OSLO. It is right in the heart of the city (Arbeidergata 2 -www.bohemen.no) and owned by Klanen, Vålerenga Oslo’s largest and oldest supporters club. The beer prices are ok for Norwegian circumstances, and there is always a table reserved for Union fans on game day.

The largest German supporter group there is the St. Pauli fan club. You sometimes observe HSV, Dortmund and Bayern shirts, the latter mainly for Champions league games. While Bohemen – as Norway everywhere – is dominated by English football support, they will try and show any Bundesliga /2.Liga /3.Liga/ DFB-Pokal game upon request.

Several of us travel regularly to Berlin and to away games – for us the distance makes no difference. In Köpenick, you can find us pregame at Tusche’s 17 and at the Hauptmann.

You can also find us on facebook at Bamsegjengen Union Berlin, Oslo